Wellness Tea of the Month

Wellness Tea of the Month

Join our Wellness Tea of the Month Club today.

Your 6-month membership includes includes a Mulberry Jeans Accents insulated mug and a 3oz tin of tea. Bring that tin back to the store each month to get a refill of the month's featured tea! That's enough for 35 cups (if you only use the leaves once.. use them twice).
We match each tea with the month. They will all be healthy teas that taste great!

When it snows, you crave a warm cup of tea to snuggle up with. During the summer, it is so hot that all you can think about is something cold and refreshing to drink. Because tea is such a wonderful beverage to enjoy all year-round, we have matched each month’s shipment to the season, temperature and overall mood of the month. Therefore, you always have the perfect style of tea to drink throughout the year!

Few rules: Tea of the month must be picked up during month offered. Must be picked up on or after the first and you have until the last day of the month. Please no substitutions (unless you have an allergy or you can’t have caffeine, then we will work with you). A 6 month membership is just $65.



If you drink the tea bottled, it is much like eating fruit jam. If you drink tea from tea bags, it is much like having canned vegetables. Loose leaf tea is like consuming fresh veggies or fruit.

Why is that important?

Tea has so many antioxidants. The more you process tea, the more you lose those antioxidants.

Why is that important they boost your immune system!! We all need that!!


In Egypt and Sudan, hibiscus is used to help maintain a normal body temperature, support heart health, and encourage fluid balance.

North Africans have used hibiscus internally for supporting upper respiratory health, including the throat , and also use it topically to support skin health.

In Europe, hibiscus has been employed to support upper respiratory health, alleviate occasional constipation and promote proper circulation. It is commonly used in combination with lemon balm and St John’s Wort for restlessness and occasional difficulty falling asleep.

Hibiscus is traditionally used for supporting normal blood pressure maintenance in Iran — a use that has been validated in several recent studies.


Green tea is particularly rich in a type of polyphenols, called catechins. These substances have also been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties, but recent research in animals show that catechins may also affect body fat accumulation and cholesterol levels.

In this study, researchers looked at the effects of catechins on body fat reduction and weight loss in a group of 35 Japanese men. The men had similar weights based on their BMI (body mass index, an indicator of body fat) and waist sizes.

The men were divided into two groups. For three months, the first group drank a bottle of oolong tea fortified with green tea extract containing 690 milligrams of catechins, and the other group drank a bottle of oolong tea with 22 milligrams of catechins.


Have a injury with inflammation? Black tea helps with that! There is a direct relationship between increased black tea consumption and a decrease in cardiovascular disease. In 2001, a study at Boston University found that both short-term as well as long-term drinking of black tea actually reverses endothelial vasomotor dysfunction in patients with coronary artery disease. This is a dysfunction which basically serves as a predictor for even more serious coronary events. The conclusions in the study backed up a previously held link between black tea and its propensity to lower cardiovascular problems.

Today, I am fighting allergies, and I can not tell you how much Roobois tea helps. It also really helps with Asthma. Roobois tea really helps anything that is overreacting, from your nervous system to your skin. It is a calming tea. We have several different types of Roobois tea (personally, I like the mint kiss flavor). Come try one of our teas today.