Just a little information about Herbs benifits

Chamomile or Camomile – good for digestion, relaxing, rheumatoid arthritis, relieves back pain, soothes skin irritations, and good for sunburns, and much more

Lavender – relaxes and helps people sleep, and feel calm. Very popular in aromatherapy. Recent studies show it has many other herbal tea benefits, and one study shows it can replace sleeping pills.

Peppermint or mint – best-tasting herb (in my opinion); good for cramps and stomach pain, relieves gas, aids in digestion, reduces sick feeling, and can help with insomnia.

Orange Peel – should have similar effect as whole oranges or orange juice. Strengthening and refreshing, and healing as well as cleansing to digestive tract.

Raspberry leaves – prepares the uterus for childbirth, and is believed to shorten labour. it alleviates menstrual cramps, and is also good for sore throats and fever blisters.

Cinnamon – clears the brain and thought processes, excellent for upset stomach gas and diarrhea.