Why loose?

Tea, it's the second most consumed beverage in the world.

Are you simply dunking a bag and getting what you think tea really offers? 

Drinking loose leaf tea vs bagged is like a fresh peach vs a canned peach

1) The Health Benefits lets start there

The larger leaves mean ir keeps more of what you want.  The catechin, the antioxidants . That means you get more of what makes tea good for you.

2) Better Aroma And Flavor

Loose tea has more surface area than the "tea dust" (fannings) that go into bags. The larger the leaves, the more natural oils you get to steep out of them, and this of course means great flavor, along with a pleasant scent!

3) There is so many flavors!

The choice of flavors is amazing and never ending. You also get the health benefits from things the tea is blended with to get the special flavors. Such as cinnamon helps with blood sugars

4) Fresh

do you ever wonder how old that tea in that bag is? you should more than likely it is at least 18 months old ......Loose leaf is fresh ,just like fresh veggies taste better and is better for you 

5) It is a great healthy gift for anyone

Loose  leaf teas make a great gift , it hopefully start the person on a healthy habit .